Brief Chronology

1891  Born in the village of Hamkavar, near Tabriz, Iran into a religious family
1897  Entered elementary school
1902  Left school upon his father's death
1907  Joined revolutionary groups in Azerbaijan against the Ulema
1910  Entered the theological profession
1916  Began instruction in Arabic at Memorial School and learned English
1918  Joined the Democratic Party of Khiyabani for over a year
1919  Entered the Ministry of Justice
1929  Left the Ministry of Justice due to a verdict he gave in favor
          of a group of peasants against Reza Shah; joined the Speranto
          society and learned Speranto
1933  Published the fundamentals of his beliefs in "A'in"
1934  Begins the publication of a series of articles on Persian poetry
1935  Appears before a Tehran University Committee and defends his stand on poetry;
          is denied the rank of "professor" because of his refusal to renounce his stand on poetry;
          left Tehran University due to his stand on academic freedom,
          especially with regard to his view of the role of poetry in society
1941  The Allied takeover of Iran provided opportunity for Kasravi and his group
          to publish Parcham as well as cast a wider net to attracting more supporters to
          their cause
1945  An unsuccessful attempt was made on his life
1946  Assassinated in Tehran



The Book: Dar Piraamoon e Eslaam

I have spoken many times on Islam. I would like to speak once again on this subject, and I hope that this will be the last time I do so. I am writing this in order to leave no room for excuses for anyone. As for those who will not accept what I have to say, I have nothing else to say. Let God be the judge.

Today, there remains no country called Islam for you to rule. Today, Moslems of every ethnic group have separated, and each has created a country in the name of that ethnic group. In Iran, people live as Iranians, not as Moslems. That is why they consider the Iraqis, Egyptians, Jews, and Zoroastrians who live in Iran to be one of them. Besides, for many years, Western laws have been practiced in Iran, and Islamic laws have been set aside. Is this not proof that Islam has been eliminated?
What has forced us into such discussions is the facts that, as we said, the clerics have made a claim to the government and they disrupt the life of the nation. And their pretext is that Imam Ali ebn Abitaleb was chosen calif by God, and other such statements. In order to show that their claim is without any foundation, we have been forced to engage in such discussions.

Excerpts From: (On Islam And Shi'ism / Ahmad Kasravi; translated from the Persian by M.R. Ghanoonparvar; with an introductory essay and bibliographical note by M.A. Jazayery, pages 5,6,7,38,40,41,45,60,199&204, Copyright 1990 by Mazda Publishers).
    Dr. William C. Staley Jr., Princeton University 1966 From Mehrdad Irani's:
Iran, The Whole Iran, And Nothing But Iran



Books & Works

Books By Kasravi:

         Taarikh e Mashroote-ye Iran  (History Of Iranian Constitutional Revolution), 1319-21 (1940-43)

         Taarikh e Hejdah Saaleye Azarbaijan  (The 18 Year History In Azarbaijan),1313-19 (1934-41)

         Taarikh e Paansad Saaleye Khoozestan  (The 500 year History In Khoozestaan), 1312 (1933/34)

         Taarikhche-ye Shir-o-Khorshid  (History Of The Lion And The Sun),1309 (1930/31)

         Shahriaaraan e Gomnaam  (Obscure Dynasties), 1307-09 (1928-31)

         Azari Yaa Zabaan e Baastaan e Azarbaigan  (Azari Or The Ancient Language Of Azarbaigan) (preview by Ehsaan Yaar Shaater, republished by Iranbooks,Inc.1993)

         Zabaan e Paak  (The Pure Language), 1322 (1943/44)

         Zabaan e Farsi   (The Persian Language), 1316 (1937/38)

         Varjaavand Bonyaad  (The Sacred Foundation), 1322 (1943/44)

         Dar Piraamoon e Eslaam  (On Islam), 1322 (1943/44)

         Dar Piraamoon e Falsafe  (On Philosophy), 1344 (1965/66)

         Dar Piraamoon e Ravaan  (On Soul), 1324 (1945/46)

         Dar Piraamoon e Taarikh  (On History)

         Dar Piraamoon e Kherad   (On "Rational Faculties"), 1322 (1943/44)

         Dar Piraamoon e She'r Va Shaae'ri   (On Poetry And Poetry Writting)

         Dar Piraamoon e Adabiyaat   (On Literature), 1323 (1944/45)

         Dar Rah e Siyaasat   (On the Path of Politics), 1324 (1945/46)

         Dar Piraamoon e Romaan   (On Fiction), 1322 (1943/44)

         Dar Piraamoon e Fal-sa-fe-ye Yunaan   (On greek Philosophy), 1344 (1965/66)

         Dar Piraamoon e Jaanevaraan   (On Animals), 1324 (1945/46)

         Din Va Jahaan   (Religion And The World), 1323 (1944/45)

         Farhang Ast Ya Neyrang?   (Is It Culture Or Deception?), 1323(1944/45)

         Shiee- gari  (Shiie'ism), 1322 (1943/44)

         Bahaaiee- gari  (Bahai'ism), 1322 (1943/44)

         Sufi-gari  (Sufi'ism), 1322 (1943/44)

         Khaaharaan Va Dokhtaraan e Maa  (Our Sisters And Daughters) (preview by M.A. Jazaayeri, republished in1992 by: Iranbooks,Inc.)

         Zendegaanye Man   (My Life) (republished by: Jahan book co. 1990)

         Daad-gaah  (The Tribunal), 1322 (1944/45)

         Maa Che Mi-khaaheem(What Do we Ask?), 1319 (1940/41)

         Hafez Che Migooyad?   (What Does Hafez Say?), 1322 (1943/44) 

         Din Va Danesh    (Religion And  The Science), 1319 (1940/41)

         Payaame Man Be Shargh   (My Message To East)

         Maa Az Farhang Che Mi-Khaahim?   (What Do We Expect From [a] Culture?)

         Pendaarhaa, Mohoomaat-Khoraafaat    (Old Wives' Tales, Witchcrafts- Superstitions), 1322 (1943/44)

         Diaanat, Peyghambari Va Raahe Rastegaari   (Devotion, Prophecy, And The Path To Salvation)

         Sarnevesht e Iran Che Khaahad Bood(What Will Be With Iran?), 1324 (1945/46)

         Naamhaaye Shahr Haa Va Deh Haaye Iran  (Names Of The Towns And Villages Of Iran), 1308 (1929/30)

Books Written About Kasravi's work:

         Kaarvand e Kasravi     By:   yahyaa Zokaa

         Neveshte haaye Kasravi dar Zamineye Zabaan e Farsi 
By: Hossein Yazdaaniaan

         Maghaalaat e Kasravi     By:    Gutenberg Publications

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